Splat Coasters - Set of 4 (Dusty Rose) (Birthmark)
Splat Coasters - Set of 4 (Dusty Rose) (Birthmark)

Sienna Studios

Splat Coasters - Set of 4 (Dusty Rose) (Birthmark)

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Welcome to our Sienna Studios x Birthmark Collection!

Sometimes, our pieces don't always come out how we'd like them.
Sometimes, they like to act up during the curing process.
Sometimes, we don't get them all 100% perfect.

It's a natural characteristic of concrete and pigment mixing.

In our case, these wouldn't pass inspection (way too many imperfections for our liking). But, it could possibly pass yours  ✨ 
So, how about we discount them and you take one of these babies home?

Every piece is photographed individually. If purchased, you will be receiving this exact piece.

Imperfections: Tiny specs of 'discoloration'. Only a visual defect. The pieces are perfect otherwise :) 

Fill your space with the unmatched beauty of natural earth colors. Each piece is sealed with an acrylic sealer making it water-resistant.

Our products are food safe/non-toxic (but intended for decorative use) *see disclaimer. 

Content care:
 Water/damp cloth.
+ It is strongly recommended to wipe up strong contaminants as soon as possible.
+ Avoid harsh cleaning products & harsh scrubbing. This will damage the surface of your piece.

+ Concrete
+ Acrylic sealer/Food Safe/Non-Toxic
+ Glossy/Glass Like Finish
+ Cork

5in x 4.5in
0.25in thickness

+ Decorative plates are NOT for eating off of. Can be used to style or display food. Every piece is food safe.
Every piece is handmade. Small bubbles or slight variations in color are natural and unique characteristics.

+ We will not be accepting returns due to each piece being handmade. If your item arrives broken/damaged, please contact us on the day of delivery.