Moon Face Candle (Birthmark)
Moon Face Candle (Birthmark)
Moon Face Candle (Birthmark)
Moon Face Candle (Birthmark)
Moon Face Candle (Birthmark)
Moon Face Candle (Birthmark)
Moon Face Candle (Birthmark)

Sienna Studios

Moon Face Candle (Birthmark)

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Welcome to our Sienna Studios x Birthmark Collection!

Sometimes, candles don't always come out how you'd like them.
Sometimes, they like to act up during the curing process.
Sometimes, we don't get them all 100% perfect.

It's a natural characteristic of soy wax and it will not alter the performance of your candle.

In our case, these wouldn't pass the vibe check (way too many imperfections for our liking).
But, it could possibly pass yours  ✨ 

So, instead of re-purposing the candle, how about we discount them and you can take one of these babies home?

Every candle has its own unique birthmark and no candle is the same.


+ Unscented
+ Handmade with 100% natural white soy wax
+ Intended for decorative use
+ Small batch poured

+ 100% Natural Soy Wax
+ Soy Wax Coated Wick

4in x 4in
1 inch thickness


+ You will be receiving a candle with similar characteristics as shown in the photos. Every candle is different. 

+ We will not be accepting returns due to each piece being handmade and one of a kind. If your item arrives broken/damaged please contact us on the day of delivery.